Sunday, March 24, 2013


Gone are the days when I had to go easy and let Henry win. Turns out he's quite the card shark, and judging by his big grin...I'm not going to win this hand!  ...On the right, you'll note we finally have a use for Peeps. Hen & I discovered they are definitively for decorating rather than eating (yeah for Pinterest!). Thought for sure he would be a Peeps fan, after all, sugar coated marshmallows almost sound like a good idea, but must be in the genes - N.O.! I'm going to wait a bit before I introduce him to 101 science experiments involving the sugary buggers...

Monday, February 18, 2013

C'mon Summer...hurry up and get here!

It appears that Henry is focused on growing up, rather than keeping up...and thus is 'a bit' behind in his blog (2 yrs, 5 months and 25 days, but who's counting...). I guess I'll have to take over for him, and see if I can do any better ;-)  We're preparing to reserve our dates for our annual trek to Hermit Island even though the wind is blowing the snow around outside our window, we're daydreaming of summer.  Hope you and yours are warm and cozy wherever you are...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Budding chef

I'm not sure if you're aware....but...I LOVE the food network. Mom and Dad often let me watch a little TV in the afternoon. It used to be that I'd watch a little Thomas the Train, Backyardigans or some other age-appropriate TV (usually DVD). I'm hooked on the food network (I'll never tell how I came to know it was on channel 'four-four''s a secret. Drives Mom and Dad nuts that they don't know how I discovered it. hee hee). Anyhow...I love to put on cooking shows for Mom and Dad (and anyone else who will listen). Recently, I've taken to grilling--because it's a great way to get "added flavor". I didn't have a grill so Mom came up with a great idea and voila--an indoor grill. Please note how organized I am...(see tools under the grill, as well as the fish I have prepared)...oh yeah...I'm going to be on Hell's Kitchen some day. Oops....don't let Mom and Dad know I'm watching TV after bed time too. Shhhhhhhh.....

Campin' in Shirley

Why the rain boots you ask? Grammie and Grampie had a full house, so me, Mom and Dad camped out in the backyard! Had a blast...


So, I'm totally going out of order....but...that's what happens when you're way behind (Hey--time flies when you're having fun!). My Gramps came all the way from North Dakota for a visit...and we had a blast. Tractor ridin', bedtime stories and LOTS of hooks, and double hooks. If you don't know about hooks...just ask my Gramps, he'll tell you all about them.

Summer Break.

Another great vacation at Hermit Island!! We lucked out with GREAT weather and GREAT company (Auntie Erica, Uncle Tate, and "my" Denali and Lylah).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first "moderate" hike: Great Head in Acadia

After my night with Papa & Nanny, Mom and Dad came and picked me up and we headed to Acadia--it was a warm sunny day in Maine--you have to soak it up when you can! We packed a picnic lunch and zipped to Sand Beach (my favorite place) and then headed for the rocks at the end of the beach for a nice hike. I listened, followed directions and didn't fall off the cliff. Whew! Guess that means I'll get to go again sometime. The little man is growing up.